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About Eleven FC

Eleven FC is more than just a football club; it’s a thriving football culture that’s dedicated to fostering the growth of the beautiful game in our communities.

We provide a comprehensive platform for aspiring footballers to meet their full potential, this involves access to international pathways for career development backed up by exceptional football skill development.

We take a holistic approach to athlete development which includes: 

Targeted training (47-week program)
Biomechanical assessment (reduce risk of injury, inform future growth and development) 
Access to treatment ‘in-house’ by qualified health professionals (physiotherapy, occupational therapist, sports psychologist)
Gym, sauna, and ice bath facilities
About Eleven FC

Key Information


Lucius Park, Spearwood, Western Australia


Perth (September 2023) UK (February 2015) Italy (June 2015)


Build players football competence to their highest level in a vibrant, respectful and inclusive culture; using dynamic evidence based methodologies.

Why Choose Eleven FC?

At Eleven FC, we offer more than just a place to play football. When you become part of our family, you get to enjoy:

Highest Quality Coaching:  we are a professional Club where all coaching is provided by experienced UEFA-licensed coaches, who have worked in Australia, Europe, and Asia at senior levels. 

Community Connections:  forging lifelong friendships with like-minded families and professionals.

Access to professional career pathways: The club provides an opportunity for annual trips to an Australian and European competition; depending upon the stage of development these trips coincide with scouting and trial assessments. 

Athlete development: compete at the highest levels; team skills, communication, and confidence and seeing the athlete in a holistic manner, from all angles. 

Inclusivity:  players at all stages and levels are welcome and receive the same commitment, care, and respect for their development as players and people. 

About Eleven FC

Our Values


We believe in the power of football to bring people together and create lasting bonds.


We strive for excellence in every aspect of the game, on and off the pitch.


Football knows no boundaries, and we celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures within our club.


We are driven by a deep love for the sport and a commitment to its growth.

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Join Eleven FC today and become part of our passionate football community. Whether you’re an aspiring pro or simply want to enjoy the game, we have a place for you. Get started by filling out our Expressions of Interest form and let’s kickstart your journey to football excellence!

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