ELEVEN FC 2024 Terms and Conditions

Effective from the 23rd October 2023

Acceptance into the program is contingent upon the order of registration due to the limited program capacity.

I grant ELEVEN FC permission to use, publish, and reproduce photographs and videos of my child for advertising, media publicity, and general display, including on ELEVEN FC web pages. I understand that these materials may be utilized through various mediums, such as newspapers, magazines, brochures, promotional content, and websites, including social media platforms. I also acknowledge that the rights granted to ELEVEN FC under this release are perpetual, and I waive any future claims to copyright. Neither my child nor I expect compensation for the use of these materials. I acknowledge that the use of these materials is in good faith and not intended to defame or offend my child or harm their reputation. I release ELEVEN FC, their employees, officers, and contractors from any liability related to the publication, reproduction, or release of the photographs and videos.

I acknowledge the inherent risks, dangers, and hazards associated with training, including but not limited to loss of balance, difficulty controlling speed and direction, terrain variations, equipment malfunctions, weather changes, exposure to extreme temperatures, collisions with other participants, and negligence by others.

In consideration of ELEVEN FC allowing my participation in training and the use of their services and equipment, I agree to:

  • Waive any present or future claims against ELEVEN FC and release them from any liability for loss, damage, expenses, injuries, or death resulting from my participation, irrespective of the cause (including negligence, breach of contract, or breach of statutory duty).
  • Indemnify ELEVEN FC for any property damage, loss, or personal injury to third parties arising from my participation in ELEVEN FC’s training sessions.

Membership Policy

Effective from the 23rd October 2023

Participants are required to make advance payments for soccer training memberships at the time of registration or before each month’s start.

Memberships grant the right to participate in scheduled soccer training sessions, and it’s the participant’s responsibility to attend punctually.

No refunds will be issued for training sessions missed or canceled, regardless of the reason, including personal reasons, injuries, illnesses, or any other preventing circumstances.

In the event of training sessions being suspended or canceled by the organizer for any reason, including field issues, participants will receive a refund for the sessions not conducted. Adverse weather conditions or force majeure situations do not warrant refunds for canceled sessions.

Participants must adhere to all rules, regulations, and norms established by the organizer for participation in the training sessions. Non-compliance may result in expulsion from the program without a refund.

Participants acknowledge the risks associated with training sessions and agree to waive any legal claims against the organizer, coaches, and staff for injuries or damages incurred during participation.

ELEVEN FC retains the right to modify these terms with prior notice to participants.

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